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About Us

Bistro Floyd
Since 1990 Bistro Floyd has been more than 'just' a restaurant in Alanya.
It has been a place where guests can enjoy a drink and a meal, but most of all, a place to feel at 'home'.

In the year 1990 Fuat Kılıç (nicknamed Floyd) visited Alanya during a holiday.
Originally Turkish but residing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, he fell in love with this beautiful village and decided to stay.

Alanya was German orientated in those years, however through Fuat’s Dutch language skills rapidly many Dutch tourists found his first established restaurant called Bistro Klein Huis (small house).

The guests would not say 'Bistro Klein Huis' but used Fuat's nickname ‘Floyd’ as an alias.

For this reason years later (in 1998), when the restaurant became too small, Floyd and his wife Leonie decided to relocate the restaurant, and named the new premises 'Bistro Floyd'.
The new restaurant was larger and had an extra café downstairs. This place, also, was visited generally by Dutch tourists. Typical Dutch Douwe Egberts coffee and some Dutch dishes were served but more importantly in those days, when WIFI was unavailable, the tourists could stay up to date through Dutch television.

In 2005 Bistro Floyd relocated to (again) a larger location, situated closer to the centre of Alanya, compared to the two prior locations (which were in the Cleopatra area).
Due to this central location being situated on the main street, more tourists from nationalities other than the Dutch discovered Bistro Floyd.
For a period the location on the main street was good, but over the years traffic got busier and in 2012 Bistro Floyd relocated again.

This time the location is a heritage listed house with a beautiful garden. The street is lively but not too busy with road traffic, as prior on the main street, and in the eyes of Floyd and Leonie the perfect location for their guests to feel at home.
This premise is only a two minute walk to the centre square of Alanya.
What better than a gorgeous historic house to feel at home at?

Bistro Floyd has become an 'International second home' with a variety of many Turkish dishes, International food (including some Dutch specialties, of course), good coffee, luxury Sunday brunches, private function possibilities and much more.

The Sunday Brunch is well known in Alanya.
Imagine old fruit trees set in a beautiful garden at the back of a heritage listed historic house. It is the perfect place where many, and mostly, international guests enjoy their brunch.

Floyd and Leonie, and their team, would like to welcome you to come, enjoy and feel at home!